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Two new printers from DGI

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Established in 1998, Sabur Digital are the UK’s longest-standing sublimation supplier. We’ve done that by being the sector’s go-to company for focussing on being ultra reliable, professional, skilled, and personable. And we are always looking at supplying our clients new, cutting-edge technology too – keeping their company one step ahead of the competition.

That is why we are delighted to announce that we will soon be stocking two brand new industrial printers that are launching this month: The DGI HSFT III and The FH-3204.

DGI have over three decades of experience and excellence as one of the world’s leading digital inkjet printer manufacturers. Their reputation is forged upon innovation and functionality, as shown by the number of top awards that the company has won.

The DGI HSFT III is a high speed, dye-sublimation textile printer and part of DGI’s stunning Fabrijet Series. It’s a product that has massive benefits for high volume textile manufacturers. So, if you’re a company from a sector such as home furnishings, fashion, or sportswear then this piece of kit will allow you to steal a serious march on your competitors.


Because you’ll be using a printer that has the latest generation industrial Kyocera printheads, giving you unbelievable durability and performance. By staggering the four printheads, you’ll be getting print speeds of up to 250m2/h ensuring that productivity isn’t an issue. Then, factor in the convenience of being able to use jumbo rolls, due to the HSFT III boasting a heavy-duty take-up system, too!

It’s all about quantity and quality with the DGI HSFT III: another new feature is the printer’s print carriage movement system, hosting a linear motor for increased print accuracy vs a standard belt driven system – and when you add that to the printer’s variable dot technology you’ll also be getting the increased accuracy of printing that your company wants, needs and deserves.

We said earlier that DGI are a company well versed in winning wards for their amazing products…..well, with the HSFT III, DGI should start clearing some space in the trophy pretty quickly! Indeed, hold the front page – as it’s just been awarded Product Of The Year Roll-Roll Dye Sublimation Onto Textile 2018 at the SGIA Awards!


So, let’s now have a look at the similarly superb FH-3204…….


Indeed, any companies that use products at exhibitions or for point of sale, such as flags or banners, really do need to have a close look at this 3.2metre wide hybrid sublimation printer. And perhaps they should be asking themselves these questions…..

Do they want a dual production printer that allows them to print both paper transfer sublimation and direct to textile sublimation, enabling them to produce a much wider final application at a width of 3.2 metres?

And do they want to, once again, be using variable dot technology and the latest generation industrial Kyocera printheads, with an in-line arrangement that allows for up to six different colour channels?

No doubt that print speed is concern for them too? Well, a maximum print speed of 155m2/h ensures that the FH-3204 sees to that. And isn’t reliability paramount to choosing an industrial printer? If so, then the built-in degassing system for printhead reliability, and the built-in drying system, caters for those needs.


Sabur’s Digital Development Director Aaron Burton is naturally delighted with the new additions to the company’s ever-expanding portfolio of products.

“Yes, we can’t wait to supply these two exceptional industrial printers to our clients”, he stated, before adding “DGI are noted for their reliability, production quality and speed, and that’s why we are proud to supply a range of their products. They’re also market leaders in technical innovation too, and this is shown by both the DGI HSFT III and the FH-3204 offering real-time production updates through their dedicated app.

“The first showing of the two printers is in Las Vegas at SGIA this month, and we can’t wait to have the printers available for viewing before the end of the year at our own purpose-built 2,500 square feet digital print showroom within our industrial unit in South Yorkshire.”






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