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Mimaki Tx500P-3200DS

3.2m-wide Direct Sublimation Inkjet Printer

The Tx500P-3200DS printer has been designed to optimise sublimation printing within one foot print. With it’s inline fixation of the printed fabric the sublimation process is completed in one seamless solution-reducing two steps to one. At a print speed of up to 130 m2 per hour, the Tx500P-3200DS is ideal for production of samples as well as large lot production runs with short delivery times.

With a maximum media width of 3200mm the Mimaki Tx500P-320DS is capable of printing products such as stage back drops, building wraps, exhibition displays amongst many other applications. It’s uniquely suited for a wide array of textile printing, including soft signage, customised apparel, and fabrics for home décor and furnishings.

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    • Print speeds at up to 130 m2/hour with 4-colour printing and up to 105 m2/hour with 6 colours.
    • Unmatched print quality with resolution up to 720 x 1080 dpi using 12 print heads in a staggered 3 -line array.
    • Stable quality enabled to its pulling roller that maintains appropriate pressure during printing onto rolled textiles with widths up to 3.2 meters and weight up to 130 kg.
    • Worry-free uninterrupted print operation with automatic detection and cleaning of clogged nozzles, substituting good nozzles for printing during this process. This allows constant printing and reduces waste due to defective nozzles.

    Main Features

    The Tx500P-3200DS contains a heating unit that allows simultaneous printing and colour fixation. In order to ensure the most consistent printing and fixation of the printed fabric the heat and printer are linked. The printer starts printing when the heater reaches the optimum temperature. This intelligent feature considerably reduces production time and expands business opportunities by accommodating demands from sample creation to large-lot print production.

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    More Features

    To achieve high printing speeds, 12 printheads are arranged in a staggered 3-line array. A range of printing modes, from a high-speed (130 m2/h) draft mode to a high-quality mode, is available to best suit the required finished print appearance. Tx500P-3200DS can meet the urgent order request, which is most often demanded in the soft sign market.

    Large (3 L) ink containers are installed in an external ink supply unit. Ink can be filled into the container during long-time continuous printing. A degassing module is installed on the printhead carriage to allow the use of affordable undegassed inks.

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