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The New DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer

Fabrijet DGI FT-1604

At Sabur, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that our clients – existing and new – receive not only the very best service and support, but the very best products, too.

That’s what we are proud to supply a range of DGI products, and we are now delighted to supply the DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer.

DGI were established in 1985 in Korea, and are one of the world’s leading digital inkjet printer manufacturers. With a history based on innovation and with an outstanding worldwide reputation, the company has won a number of top awards and continues to produce outstanding products.

That’s why we’re really excited to add the DGI FT-1604 to our product portfolio. It’s a portfolio that already includes the likes of DGI FT-3204X; DGI FD-1908; DGI FD-1904; DGI HSFT; and the DGI HSFT II. An impressive line-up.

The Fabrijet FT series printers from DGI were the first printers in the world available with state-of-the-art, industrial, Panasonic print heads: one of the reasons why we love providing the DGI FT-1604 for you.

But that’s not the only reason……..

The DGI FT-1604 is the same sublimation printer as its bigger brother, the DGI FT-1608, but has 4 printheads rather than 8 as standard. What you get are all of the “industrial” features the 1608, such as the heavy duty take up,light weight paper usage and economical sublimation inks …….but a huge bonus is that you have the option at any time to easily upgrade the DGI FT-1604 machine to the DGI FT-1608.

This is massively cost-effective for you and your company as it means that you don’t have to pay the full price for another printer – only a small upgrade charge. And because it is on the same single footprint it doesn’t need additional space, either. The DGI FT-1604 is simply a fantastic sublimation printer that can save you money and space. What’s not to love?

Production speeds are excellent too – with true production print speeds of up to 56m2 per hour and upgraded production speeds of up to 112m2 per hour! And you’ll no doubt expect the very best in after-care too, won’t you? That’s why the DGI FT-1604 comes with the DGI three-year warranty.

At Sabur, we are hugely proud to partner and showcase a number of industry leading companies and brands, including DGI, Roland & Mimaki. So, please feel free to contact us, or why not come and visit our 3,000 square foot Show Suite, which houses the very latest in generation printers, heat presses and other sublimation products – and have an up-close, first-hand look at just what our products – including the DGI FT-1604 – can do for your company.

The DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer: RRP £23,000 including 3 years warranty.

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