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LS Prints triple production with Sabur & DGI

Lance Dentith and Dean Sanger have known each other for two decades. Lance is the Managing Director of L&S Prints and Dean is the Managing Director of Sabur Ink Systems Ltd, and it is no coincidence that over the course of their business history, their respective companies have grown and grown and forged enviable reputations in their fields.

Both companies are based in Yorkshire, and Dean and Lance first crossed paths in 1998 when Dean got in touch with Lance and introduced L&S Prints to digital sublimation machines. Lance was suitably impressed with the product and the service provided, and that was the start of an extremely fruitful relationship between the two companies that now sees Sabur installing two DGI FT-1908 printers into L&S Prints.

I asked Lance about the development of the relationship between the two companies.

“The machines we had off Sabur gave us a solid bedrock from which we have built a fantastic business; growing from four to twenty employees, with more to come as we continue to expand. The machines may be the right tool for the job, but the confidence that comes from dealing with Sabur is priceless. The knowledge and expertise that Dean, Aaron and the team provide is part of the purchase and nothing is too much trouble for them. Smooth installation, expertise, and superb customer care – they’ve been excellent!”

Just like Sabur Ink Systems Ltd, L&S Prints are a company that serves a wide variety of clients from a wide variety of industries. Founded in 1990, they have over 100 years of professional experience and have been dye sublimation printing for any number of prestigious clients for over 33 years. So, it’s safe to say that they have an in-depth understanding of the processes and technology involved in large format digital printing. Experience, expertise and excellent service comes as standard.

And just like Sabur Ink Systems Ltd, L&S Prints are evolving and growing, too.

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The new L&S Prints Ltd website ( will only showcase the company’s own products – not fabric – allowing customers to choose from a range of pre-designed products or create their own custom designs from start to finish. And one of the most exciting sections of the new website is the 3D element, whereby users can literally see every angle of the product whilst editing the design. This gives it a ‘real-time’ experience and the product will then be printed and made exactly how it is seen on the screen.

As well as a new website, the company has purchased two DGI FT-1908 sublimation printers from Sabur. This is what Lance Dentith had to say about this…..

“We feel that the two DGI FT-1908 printers will help L&S Prints Ltd to increase our work flow and take on more orders, as they print faster than any machine we have had before. So, we expect our turnaround time to be greatly reduced, too.

Not only are they faster, up until now we have only had the means to print up to approximately 1.5 metres wide, therefore the wider printers will enable us to create more products and fill even more customer requirements; contributing to the growth of the business.”

It’s something that Dean Sanger concurs with…..

“The DGI FT-1908 is a superb product. They have eight state-of-the-art Panasonic print heads, a variable droplet and easy fill bulk ink system, and also a built-in drying system, so it will suit L&S Prints Ltd perfectly as it will help capacity and reduce production costs.”

L&S Prints Ltd use environmentally-friendly dye sublimation, and print on a range of fabrics (polyester based) that allows them to create a vast product portfolio for themselves and supply customers far and wide with vibrantly printed fabrics and products. In addition to printing fabric, personalised products have become a mainstay of the business, allowing customers to personalise products with names, logos, images and text whilst still offering a range of their own designs and fabrics available to buy. Their drop-shipping service also plays a huge role in the business too, ensuring that they work with some very reputable companies, including Firebox, Kico and Personalised Gifts.

Both Sabur Ink Systems Ltd and L&S Prints have always kept abreast of the progression of digital sublimation and have learnt to grow within an ever-changing market. It seems only natural that the two companies have successfully worked together over a number of years, and that partnership has been further cemented by the supply and installation of two superb two DGI FT-1908 printers.

FT-1908 LS

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