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Kornit Allegro textile printer

We have just returned from the Kornit Allegro open house in Dusseldorf at Kornit’s European headquarters. Seeing the machine first hand was amazing, the Allegro is the only single step solution on the market. load a huge variety of un-coated fabrics then print & finish the textile in a single step.

With Kornit’s NEOPIGMENT ink you are able to print onto a wide variety of fabrics with a single ink set including:

Naturals: Cotton, Linen, Viscose and more

Synthetics: Polyester, Nylon and more

Protein based: Silk, Wool and more

Blends: 50/50 Cotton/Polyester and more

One of the latest installations of the Kornit Allegro is based at BLUR of Barcelos portugal.

Mariano Dias, founder and owner of Blur, said: “The Kornit Allegro matches our ambition for various reasons, starting from its excellent printing quality, and through its extremely simplified process, eliminating the need of other machinery or external processes.

“Moreover, the Kornit Allegro enables you to print on various fabric types with the same ink set. It is the most eco-friendly solution on the marketplace, since it uses 100% biodegradable inks.

“As a complement to this project, we will set up an online sales platform that will allow customers to print their own personalised fabrics, as well as to order pre-designed fabrics.

“This platform hence becomes an accessible and useful space for a wide range of creative applications. We plan to target both consumers and corporate customers.”


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