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A Great Kornit Breeze write up…


 Below is a great write up from T-shirts UK who purchased a Kornit Breeze back in 2015 to personalise T-shirts. We now have available in our new showroom the Kornit Breeze alongside its big brother the Kornit Storm HEXA which includes red and green alongside the standard CMYK + White inkset.


For further information or to arrange a demonstration please call: 01226 280 999 or email

DGT printing on t-shirts: Kornit

Our Kornit printer is without a doubt the best printer for DTG or digital printing on t-shirts. It allows high-definition results with shading, minute details and multiple tones, which you cannot get with screen-printing. And at a reasonable price!

Kornit digital printing

DTG personalised textile

Digital printing

The Kornit is literally a printer (think inkjet) so it does have a few limitations. It cannot print metallic or fluorescent colours and the final result may not be an absolute copy of the original design, especially when it comes to photos.Direct-to-garment printing gives a high quality result, but it will never be exactly the same.

To get the best results with digital printing, it’s ideal is to send us your designs in JPG, TIFF, PDF or vector format, always with a transparent background. The better quality the image, the more precise the printing. Seems logical, doesn’t it?

Personalised tshirt logo

Personalised totebags dtg

If you need to see a preview, it’s possible for us to send you a pic by e-mail. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any doubts you have or if you’re worried about the quality, get in touch and we can discuss the different possibilities.

There a few conditions for digital printing, because it’s quite a laborious technique and it’s not as fast as screen-printing, especially if it’s a large order.

  • Minimum order: 10 t-shirts.
  • We always recommend choosing a good quality t-shirt for DTG, like Sol’s or Gildan.
  • Digital printing is always on the front or the back of the t-shirt; we can’t print on the sleeves. (printing available onto sleeves on the larger models)
  • We can also print on polo tshirt. DTG technique look specially brilliant on the white ones!
  • It is not possible to print using DTG on lycra, polyester, nylon…
  • We can print on totebags, as long as the material is good quality.
  • Delivery time will depend on the amount of t-shirts you order.

Personalised totebags

Personalised tshirt digital

There are some amazing and cool designs, impossible to print with any other technique. As you can see, the quality its simply breathtaking. We didn’t lie to you when we said that the Kornit is the best printer ever, did we?

Digital printing tshirts

Personalised tshirt dtg

If you want to print logos or sponsors on your personalised t-shirts for events, which normally implies a big number of different colours, our Kornit printer it’s the best choice.

Polo tshirts digital printing

Personalised polo tshirts digital printing

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