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Flying Colours – Klieverik testimonial


We have been looking at the many options available in the market place to replace our current calendar, roll to roll heat press. There is so much out there and so much to investigate into.

Who do you buy off? Which machine is the best for your needs? Will it be reliable? Who sell the best?

Once again Sabur makes it extremely easy for you, with their honesty, knowledge, in house demonstrations and site visits.

Not only that, but whilst our builders and electricians were altering our premises to accommodate the heat press, we simply popped down to Sabur’s premises every other day to crack on with our production. Not a day in production was lost.

Thanks to Dean and his team our Klieverik heat press is performing exactly what we want it for. What’s more, our production results are even more stunning than our previous calendar press, with less fuss, more efficiency and more reliability.

Thank you Sabur

Kind Regards,

Andy Ormrod





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