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Do you Know the differences between DTF and sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a process where ink is printed onto a transfer paper and then transferred onto a substrate (like a t-shirt) using heat and pressure. The ink turns into gas and penetrates the fibers of the substrate, resulting in a permanent, high-quality image.

Sublimation works best on white or light-colored polyester fabrics, as the ink doesn’t show up well on darker colors or cotton.

On the other hand, DTF (direct-to-film) printing is a newer technique where the ink is printed directly onto a special film, which is then transferred onto the substrate using heat and pressure. DTF allows for more vibrant colors and better image resolution, and it can work on a wider range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

Benefits of sublimation include its affordability, versatility, and durability. However, its limitations on substrate color and material can be a drawback. DTF, on the other hand, offers high-quality and vibrant results on a wider range of fabrics, but it can be more expensive and require specialized equipment.

So, when should you use one technique over the other? If you’re working with white or light-colored polyester fabrics and want an affordable and durable result, sublimation is a great choice. If you need more vibrant colors and are working with a wider range of fabrics, including cotton, DTF might be the way to go.

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