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Drytac say “I Do” to customised wedding flooring

Floor graphics are fantastic way to grab attention in a range of environments. Displaying special offers in a shopping centre, directional information in a hospital or transport hub, marking out zones at an exhibition or trade show – floors offer a new dimension.

Graphics are also ideal for customizing what can be a featureless empty space, turning a room into something magical, even making a newly married couple’s first dance extra special.

Recently, I gave my daughter a beautiful surprise for her wedding by transforming a plain floor into a customized dance floor. I had a custom checkered design with the couple’s new monogram printed on an EFI VUTEk onto Drytac SpotOn Floor 200, a media specifically designed to add effective graphics to standard common floor coverings. This 8-mil (200 micron) embossed printable white matte monomeric PVC film designed for short-term, indoor floor graphics with no need for lamination, featuring Drytac’s innovative ‘dot pattern’ adhesive for clean removal.

Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 has been developed to be so easy to use that, as I’ve said, ‘a salesperson can do it’ (yours truly!). I was really impressed; despite having no prior large floor graphic installation experience myself, I was able to complete the install in under an hour. In doing so, I was able to ensure my daughter had the perfect surprise for her wedding.

All Drytac floor graphics media is developed with safety in mind too – no-one wants the bride or groom to slip over during the couple’s first dance, after all. Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 has an R-10 anti-slip rating and a ‘low slip potential’ post-print, as well as a Class B1 Fire Rating making it suitable for any public areas with strict fire regulations – including wedding venues.

I went for a classic and sophisticated design for my daughter’s big day, but couples can be as creative as they like. Why not take inspiration from Print Three’s transformation of a shopping mall into a tennis court?

They used Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 to promote the Calgary National Bank Challenger event in Canada. The temporary blue and white tennis court offered some fun to shoppers, and a sporty couple could even do something similar to add personalization to their wedding. Alternatively, why not go for something totally different? The possibilities to design something unique for a wedding are practically endless.


You can also view the customized wedding floor installation process on YouTube:

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