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Bursali Towels expand with DGI

“We believe that our printed towels are by far the best quality in the UK, in fact, the world….”

It’s a bold statement, but Steve Vallender has the experience, expertise and track record to back this up. And thanks to buying a sparkling new, outstanding high-speed transfer sublimation printer, he’s looking to ensure that Bursali Towels UK Ltd remain ahead of the pack.

Steve is the UK Sales and Marketing Director for Bursali and has been with the company for thirteen years – plus, he also has over forty years of experience within this particular industry. It’s this level of expertise and know-how that has seen the company grow to a stage where they now have over three thousand customers. It’s a huge portfolio of clients that includes the likes of hotels, gyms, leisure clubs, spas, health clubs and retail companies, all of whom need Bursali’s superb products and who appreciate the peace of mind their outstanding customer service gives them.

I asked Steve just what makes Bursali the leader of the pack in the UK…..

“There are a number of reasons”, he states, before adding, “for a start we have a huge range of towels and towelling products compared to others – from super luxury to budget and everything in between, and in many colours. We are also proud to be the only towel company in UK that produces towels in-house. We already supplied printed towels from abroad, but that takes between 5 and 16 weeks to deliver, and so we saw an opportunity to do this ourselves in the UK and deliver to the customer within 7 days”

This gives us outstanding quality control and also makes supply to the UK market quick, easy and enables us to enhance our reputation for excellent customer service. Nothing helps you to grow a business more than a great product and great service”

At the heart of Bursali’s production growth will be the DGI FT-1908 sublimation printer that they recently purchased from Barnsley-based Sabur. As Steve states, it should at least triple our output and also give us a fantastic quality of print, too.”

The DGI FT-1908 is a serious piece of kit. Designed for high production environments and companies such as Bursali, it hosts eight state-of-the-art Panasonic print heads, a variable droplet with high density sublimation inks and easy fill bulk ink system, and also a built-in drying system.

Steve spotted the printer at a Print Wear and Promotion Trade Fair in January, and he takes up the story….

“Yes, Sabur were one of the first stands that we saw and it really interested us. We had a good chat with Aaron (Aaron Burton, Sabur’s Digital Development Director) who spoke at length about a new product that they had just launched which he felt would interest us and benefit our company.

The time is right for us to expand, and we see the DGI FT-1908 as a key part in doing that”.

I spoke to Aaron about the new high-speed sublimation printer that he had supplied to Bursali. He commented, You only have to speak to Steve or visit the Bursali website to see the quality of what they produce and the enthusiasm for what they do. Indeed, some of the printed towels on the website are even mistaken for actual photographs! A sign of the quality of what they produce. The DGI FT-1908 will be installed by us to help capacity and reduce production costs.

Bursali are a company who we are delighted to work with as we see them as market leaders and who offer a quality service to their clients and customers – just as we do! They are a company who were already successful in what they did, and yet looked to grow and diversify. That’s why they looked into digital printing on to towels and towelling products and started in-house last year. We are proud to be helping them to increase output and take that next step forward…..”

Bursali Towels UK Ltd have quickly grown into major towel suppliers within the UK and overseas thanks to their UK base and showroom, and their ability to produce and host stock here. All that, whilst having factories in several overseas countries, too. It means that turnaround times are rapid and has ensured that Bursali continue to develop and grow.

Much of Bursali’s UK business comes from the development and manufacture of towels, bathrobes and towelling products for many well-known iconic brands, smaller niche customers, plus promotional towels for a whole variety of clients, too. Steve describes the company as “The best at what we do. We are the UK experts in towels and towelling products and feel that we give a complete service. We are in a great position to build our client base, produce large stocks, and excellent feedback from our clients show us that this is a great time to do it.

With the addition of the DGI FT-1908, Bursali Towels UK Ltd will be doing just that.  As the company website states: Best quality, best value, best service.

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