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The print industry’s shift from screen to direct to garment printing was a seminal point for the print industry. With modern advancements in technology, the ability to print high quality garments and textiles faster and on a much larger scale has changed the dynamics of the printing industry.

With over 18 years of experience, we have specialist knowledge within the DTG printing industry and uphold a well-known reputation as one of the market leaders within this sector. Supplying an unrivalled range of DTG printer options, our proud partnership with the internationally renowned firm Kornit provides you with only the very best DTG printer equipment available worldwide.

Our DTG Printer range will provide you with more extensive colour options, maximum detail in design, easier customisation and more flexible run lengths. With a variety of printers to choose from our range extends from the Kornit Vulcan that can print up to 250 garments per hour, right through to the Kornit Avalanche Hexa, which offers you a range of colours 30% wider than standard printing equipment. You will also find that our products provide high quality printing on dark garments – ensuring your printing capabilities are always efficient and versatile.

Whether you are an expanding business looking for your first DTG printer network or a well-established printing company simply looking to upgrade or renew your fleet, you’re sure to find a high quality, reliable DTG printer to suit your every need.

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