Sublimation Paper


We believe sublimation paper is one of the crucial factors in the printing process which determines the quantity of the inks that push through the paper to the substrates. Paper is “Alive” that is why it is extremely difficult to manage. The perfect combination of paper and ink allows the optimization of the printing process to obtain excellent results.

Sublimation Paper


As sublimation printers become increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated the need for high quality sublimation paper increases. Many businesses upgrading to a recent model of sublimation printer have been disappointed to find weaknesses with their existing paper, which is why at Sabur Ink Systems Ltd we have sourced the best quality sublimation paper designed specifically to counter the problems many businesses have been facing.

One of the things we’ve noticed happening is that as printers operate faster than ever, some paper is unable to cope with these printing speeds. We have sourced 100gsm paper that is designed to work brilliantly with the newer printers as it has an exceptionlly fast drying time and excellent transfer yield.

This means that you can still enjoy crystal clear printing without the problems caused by some existing papers.

Additionally we have found that some graphic design companies wanting to print deep colours are unable to use traditional sublimation paper as it is unable to cope with very deep colours. We are pleased therefore to be able to supply 130 and 150gsm paper which will cope perfectly well with even the deepest colours and transfer yields.

Finally, ghosting is a thing of the past, as indeed it should be, with our Tack Plus sublimation paper designed to eliminate ghosting caused during transfer with a specially designed finish that ensures the quality is perfect every time.


We are working in close partnership with a leading paper mill and have identified the best mix between the 2 variables which generates a complete range:

We are able to offer a range of papers to suit every application. In our range we have:

  • 100gsm- This paper is designed to be an excellent all round sublimation paper with excellent transfer yield fast drying times and ease of handling. Ideal for the new generation of sublimation printers which require fast drying sublimation paper.
  • 130/150gsm- These papers are designed for high coverage applications. With this sublimation transfer paper you will be able to print and transfer very deep colors with a maximum transfer yield.
  • Tack Plus- This paper is similar to our 100gsm but has the added advantage of extra tack to eliminate any “ghosting” (double image produced during transfer). The structure and finishing of the paper allows the best possible adhesion with the substrate and easy removal after application.

We are able to offer a wide range of sizes from 330mm wide upto 3.2m wide.